Contract Upgrades

Instructions on how to upgrade Snowbridge contracts

There are two main cases for upgrading Snowbridge contracts.

  1. Gateway upgrade: upgrading the Gateway contracts logic.

  2. BEEFY upgrade: Upgrading the BEEFY client, which also includes a Gateway upgrade as the BEEFY client set in the Gateway is immutable.

1. Building contracts

cd web/packages/test
from_start_services=true sh -c "source ./scripts/ && build_contracts" 

2. Deploying the BEEFY client (Optional, required only for a BEEFY upgrade)

TBC: deploy_beefy_client does not exist yet.

cd web/packages/test
from_start_services=true sh -c "source ./scripts/ && deploy_beefy_client"

3. Deploy the Gateway logic

This will deploy a new instance. You will be required to provide the BeefyClient contract address, either the existing BEEFY client when doing a Gateway upgrade or the newly deployed BEEFY client if doing a BEEFY upgrade. Take note of the Gateway logic address for use in later steps.

cd web/packages/test
export BEEFY_CLIENT_CONTRACT_ADDRESS=0xBe68fC2d8249eb60bfCf0e71D5A0d2F2e292c4eD
from_start_services=true sh -c "source ./scripts/ && deploy_gateway_logic"

4. Building the `snowbridge-preimage` Tool

To perform an upgrade you need to use the snowbridge-preimage tool to build a pre-image of the upgrade. It can be built using the following command. Notice the network is provided and has to match the environment being deployed, the options are rococo, kusama and polkadot. Using rococo as an example.

cd control
cargo build --no-default-features --release --features rococo

5. Building the Preimage

You can now use the control tool to build the preimage. This will differ based on whether you are the upgrade requires a storage initialization to run.

Getting the code hash

GATEWAY_LOGIC_CONTRACT_ADDRESS is from step 3. Deploy the Gateway logic.

INFURA_PROJECT_ID is the project id for using infura.

Get the code

curl -X POST \
    --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getCode","params":["$GATEWAY_LOGIC_CONTRACT_ADDRESS", "latest"],"id":1}' \$INFURA_PROJECT_ID \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'Accept: application/json' -s \
    | jq -r .result

You need to keccak256 hash the contract code to generate the GATEWAY_LOGIC_CODE_HASH. Online keccak256 tool.

If there are code changes only an initializer will not be needed. If there are new storage layout members then an initializer will be needed. Do a diff between the version that is currently on-chain and the version you are upgrading to and verify.

Generating preimage without Initializer

cd control
./target/release/snowbridge-preimage \
      --logic-address $GATEWAY_LOGIC_CONTRACT_ADDRESS \
      --logic-code-hash $GATEWAY_LOGIC_CODE_HASH
      -- format binary >

Generating preimage with Initializer

Here we pass the additional parameters required for the initializer (0x000000000000) and the gas requirement (5000).

cd control
./target/release/snowbridge-preimage \
      --logic-address $GATEWAY_LOGIC_CONTRACT_ADDRESS \
      --logic-code-hash $GATEWAY_LOGIC_CODE_HASH \
      --initializer \
      --initializer-params 0x000000000000 \
      --initializer-gas 5000 \
      --format binary >

6. Submitting a referendum with `opengov-cli`

Now that we have the preimage we can submit a governance proposal using the opengov-cli.

Build the tool from the repo below: is from 5. Building the Preimage

opengov-cli submit-referendum \
    --track $TRACK \
    --network polkadot \

TBC: Confirm track, and test the actual process

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